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A Journal of Reformational Thought

Findings is a free, open access journal dedicated to promoting, expounding and critically examining reformational thought, that is, the heritage of Christian thought beginning with Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck, further developed by Herman Dooyeweerd and Dirk Vollenhoven. This heritage of Christian thought was further developed by people such as Antheunis Janse, K J Popma, H van Riessen, Bob Goudzwaard, H Evan Runner, Jim Skillen, Roy Clouser, and many more down to the present day. A website dedicated to the works of these people and many more can be found at

Findings supports and advocates for reformational thought, which can be described briefly as the desire to see all of life, including academic life, subjected to the Lordship of Christ. It seeks to ground academic thought in the Scriptures, through taking them as the authoritative guide to understanding God, ourselves and the world around us, which we receive as the revelation of God for all places and times.

That perspective comes to expression in a Christian worldview, which can then be theoretically deepened in a distinctively Christian philosophy and in every other discipline.

Findings provides an opportunity for Christians to present their "findings" to a wider community, and to receive feedback with the intent of perhaps submitting a revised and more formal version of their articles for publication elsewhere.

Findings is edited by Chris Gousmett, Alan Cameron and Bruce Wearne. It is published twice a year, about mid-year and at the end of the year, by Thumbwidth Press on behalf of the All of Life Redeemed International Seminars Project. Articles should be submitted for consideration (via by 30th April or 31 October, for inclusion in the next issue. It is published in electronic form only.

Earlier issues of Findings are still available:

Findings 5 - June 2023 - download

Findings 4 - January 2023 - download

Findings 3 - August 2022 - download

Findings 2 - October 2021 - download

Findings 1 - January 2021 - download

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