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Findings 5 - June 2023

Findings 5 - June 2023

Findings 5 - June 2023


  • Contents

    Chris Gousmett. Editorial – Seeking Exemptions from Legislation

    Bruce Wearne. Reformational scholarship: current position and prospects

    Alan Cameron. Dooyeweerd and Feldenkrais on the Human Body

    Léonardo Balena and Ney Maranhão. Faith and sustainability: A Christian Contribution to the Issue of Environmental Preservation

    Maaike Eline Harmsen and Gijsbert van den Brink. The Great Filter and Space Exploration: A Dooyeweerdian Response

    Bruce Wearne. The Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea and the Chapters of Sociology’s 20th Century Story

    Chris van Haeften. The Riddle of Reality


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