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25 September 2020

Thumbwidth Press is pleased to announce the release of the first in a series of "reader guides" to the New Testament.

Written by Bruce Wearne, each volume guides readers through part of the New Testament to help them see the depth and richness of the text as a guide to faithful Christian living.

The first volume, The Scroll of Jesus of Nazareth, on the Gospel of Matthew, will be followed by:

Hunches About Jesus. An exploration of Mark's Gospel for those who, having heard the Bible's story, seek to pass it on. This volume will include Mark's Tale. A story from the Bible for 9 year olds (currently available free as a separate item).

Luke’s Report to Theophilus of the good work begun by Jesus of Nazareth. A Re-Reading.

The Hope of All Ages. John's Record of his Friendship with Israel's Messiah.

Hints from the Spirit of Holiness. The Acts of the Apostles, Retold to Assist Story-Telling.

Volume 6 will include: Paul's Letter & Curriculum as they appear in his dispatch to the church at Rome, together with Power Despite Absence: Paul's Letters to Corinth's Christian Synagogue.

Volume 7 will include: Paul's Galatian Letter. A commentary in 20 stanzas; The Ambassadorial Letter of Paul, Jesus' Prisoner, to Scattered Churches at Ephesus and Elsewhere; “Rejoice, Rejoice I say Again and Again!” Paul’s letter to the Christians at Philippi; Firmly Planted: Paul’s Joyful Letter of Delight to the Colossians.

Volume 8 will include: Sounding Forth Together; Working Night & Day. Paul’s Commendation of Thessalonica's Church; Fan the Flame: Paul's Letters to Timothy; For the Grace of God has Appeared for the Salvation of all People. On Paul's Letter to Titus; and Reconciliation of Master and Slave: Paul’s Letter to Philemon.

Volume 9 will include: Hindsight for Latter Days. A reading of the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews; Proverbs for a New Covenant. A Reading of The Letter of James; and Peter’s Letters: The Announcement of Holy Help.

Volume 10 will include: Heard, Seen and Handled. John's Correspondence; To Prevent Your Stumbling, Presenting You Cleansed – Jude’s Apocalyptic Letter, and John's Apocalypse. Telling the story of God's covenant with His people, the vision of His Promised City, looking forward to Messiah's second coming, a brand new Jerusalem from Heaven, our inheritance in God's rest.

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