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Findings: A Journal of Reformational Thought - 1

Findings: A Journal of Reformational Thought - 1

Findings: A Journal of Reformational Thought is a new journal for discussion and promotion of reformational thought. It is distributed free (open access) and we trust that it will provide a channel for new, constructive contributions in any area, based on a reformational perspective.


Findings is published by Thumbwidth Press on behalf of the All of Life Redeemed International Seminars Project. To submit an article for consideration please contact the editors at


We hope to be able to publish at least two issues each year.


  • Contents

    This first issue of Findings also serves as a Festschrift for Bruce Wearne, a noted reformational thinker, who has done much over the years to extend and strengthen the reformational vision for scholarship which is obedient to Christ. As well as a seminal essay by Bruce himself ("The Revival of Christian Scholarship"), and a select bibliography of his more significant publications, there are essays from a number of Bruce's colleagues written especially for this journal, covering a wide range of disciplines.


    Contributions to this initial issue are:


    Robert Wolfgramm – The Bruce I Know


    Keith Sewell – Calvinism, NeoCalvinism and the Reformational Movement


    Roy Clouser – Romans and Genesis: An Exploratory Essay


    Jim Skillen – Modernity and the Secular


    Chris Gousmett – The Place of Robots in Human Social Life


    Alida Sewell – Fatherhood in Scripture and in Jane Austen's Novels


    Alan CameronJurology and the Concreteness of Law: A Reformational Jurisprudential Perspective


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