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In a Reformational Key

In a Reformational Key

This book contains papers presented at a colloquium held in Wellington, New Zealand on 11 August 2018, when participants came together to give thanks in honour of Duncan Roper’s life, and the vision he endeavoured to communicate. Papers delivered on that occasion are here refined and expanded, and supplemented by additional contributions from others not able to be present on that day.


Duncan was a tireless promoter of the reformational vision of the Lordship of Christ over all of life, including academic thought. Many of the participants first learned of this vision through Duncan, while others who learned of it from other sources were encouraged in their appropriation of this vision by Duncan. We trust that this book will help to keep that vision alive, as Duncan so fervently wished.


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  • Contents of the Book

    Funeral Sermon / Duncan Leonard Roper

    Preface – and some personal reminiscences / Steuart Henderson, Colloquium Convenor

    Radical Discipleship / Doug Blomberg, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto

    From Hierarchy to Covenant: Reflections on Genesis 18:22, Gethsemane, and Beyond / Nicholas Ansell, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto

    Paul’s Polemical Use of μυστήριον in its Ancient Context / Stephen D Morrison

    Secularism – Australian Education’s Established Religion / Richard Edlin

    Creation, Cosmos, Evolution and Deification: Some thoughts on science and theology in the Orthodox tradition / Ruth Barton

    Pluralism and Conceptual Relativism: A study of Pluralism, its origins and meaning for Contemporary Apologetics / Michael Tymchak, Professor Emeritus, University of Regina

    Entertaining Angels: reflections on the provision of habitat for the flourishing of Christian thinking / Gavin Drew

    Reflections from Aunt Dot / Dorothy Keswick

    Janse’s anthropology and the development of Modal Theory / Chris Gousmett

    Reformational Philosophy Meets Biblical Studies: A 2019 preface for Biblical Foundations for Radical Discipleship / Bruce Wearne

    Persistence over time: A proposal for Time / Russell Belding

    Wiremu Tamehana: Statesman and Man of Peace / P D McKenzie CNZM QC

    Duncan Roper’s View of Aesthetics / Petrus Simons

    Aladdin at Home: Music and Human Identity / Fletcher Cole

    Bonding with My Father through Music / Hudson Duncan Roper

    Fluoridation – One of the open religious conflicts in a ‘secular’ society / Peter J Dennison

    The Jural Aspect in Dooyeweerd’s Philosophy of Law / Alan Cameron


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