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Findings 6 - March 2024

Findings 6 - March 2024

Findings 6 (March 2024) has a range of articles on a variety of subjects: the doctrinal content in Christian hymns, Karl Barth's Christology, an article about Jenő Sebestyén, a notable Hungarian unknown in the English-speaking world, and an article by him (translated from the Hungarian) introducing Kuyper's "Lectures on Calvinism". Richard Middleton explores the Biblical metanarrative in the light of postmodern concerns, and his latest book is reviewed. A short article discusses Dooyeweerd's views on "law and subject."


Lastly, we present bibliographies of the latest publications by or about Abraham Kuyper and Herman Dooyeweerd, covering material appearing between 2020-2023.

  • Contents

    Chris Gousmett, Editorial – Misplaced Piety and the Denigration of Creation

    Richard A. Russell, Is Karl Barth’s Christocentrism a valid Christian way of theological thinking?

    Steve Bishop, Jenő Sebestyén – The Hungarian Kuyper

    Jenő Sebestyén, Dr Abraham Kuyper – a translation of the Introduction to the Hungarian edition of “Lectures on Calvinism”

    Richard Middleton, Our postmodern moment: The Biblical Metanarrative

    David Neville, Book Review: J Richard Middleton: Abraham’s Silence

    Chris van Haeften, On the same page: Dooyeweerd on law and subject

    Steve Bishop,  Kuyper Bibliography

    Steve Bishop, Dooyeweerd Bibliography


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