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Trusting in God during a global pandemic

Trusting in God during a global pandemic

This book was written for children 10-15, seeking to answer questions about the Covid-19 pandemic, concerning how this could happen if God is loving and cares for us, and if God is seeking to teach us something. The book points us back to a loving God who cares for his world, but also explores how human disobedience can bring about tragic events, small and great, and points us back to trusting God no matter what.

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  • From inside the book...

    Do you wonder why the world is infected with Covid-19?

    The world is getting scarier by the day with more and more people getting sick with Covid-19, and many people dying. You don’t need me to tell you how many, and anyway it would be out of date by the time you read it.

    What I want to talk to you about is something you are probably wondering: why is this happening?

    It is not surprising that people look for answers to this question when something really bad happens. Not knowing what is going on and why it is happening can make huge problems like this seem far, far worse. So people like to know what lies behind it, as that can perhaps make it seem just that much less scary...



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